PhD Student position in Photonics

Application deadline: 2018-May-15
PhD Student position in Photonics
On chip optical spectroscopy and Silicon photonics

Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

Application deadline: 2018-May-15

:: Silicon photonics>>

Today’s fiber-optic communication systems are facing significant challenges with regards to energy consumption. To counteract this, lightwave communication systems will increasingly rely on photonic integrated circuits (PICs). PICs bring many beneficial features such as miniaturization, stability and the possibility for low-cost fabrication. They will be crucial in the future for establishing greener and faster communication links. 

This project will investigate 3D photonic integrated circuits for coherent optical communications. The project will explore both, the existing erbium band as well as the emerging band in the 2 micrometer window enabled by thulium fiber amplifiers. The project has obtained financing by the prestigious European Research Council through a Consolidator grant.


:: On chip optical spectroscopy>>

Laser spectroscopy is an invaluable technique for unravelling the atomic and molecular structure of matter. It is a widely used diagnosis tool in several industrial applications, such as the monitoring of combustion processes, remote sensing of greenhouse gases and pharmaceutical quality control. 

A laser frequency comb is a special type of laser that holds great promise for precision spectroscopy because it allows to probe multiple species at once. This project will investigate a new and emerging laser frequency comb platform on a chip, the so-called microresonator comb, for applications in spectroscopy. This technology could enable precision spectroscopy in a portable and robust platform that renders more suitable for “real-life” applications outside the well-controlled laboratory environment. The project will be done in close collaboration with the RISE institute in Borås and the laser company Thorlabs in Mölndal. 

The laboratory 

The Photonics laboratory at the Microtechnology and Nanoscience Department (MC2) is a dynamic and creative group with about 30 members working in an international and collaborative atmosphere. We perform both curiosity-driven and applied-research in the areas of optoelectronics, nanophotonics, and fiber optic systems. We enjoy a state-of-the-art laboratory for fiber-optic communications and have access to in-house cleanroom facilities to manufacture photonic devices.