2nd Photonic Integration Week, PIW2018

2nd Photonic Integration Week, PIW2018

Fecha del evento: 
Lunes, 15 Enero 2018 - 11:30am

The 2nd Photonic Integration Week, PIW2018  will take place in the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia from 15th to 19th January, 2018. It will combine industrial presentations, business to business meetings, scientific and technical speakers related to the integration of photonic applications and its technologies (Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th). The event will include a course on Design of Photonic Integrated Circuits (Wednesday 17th-Friday 19th).

The following list shows the invited speakers attending the event and their talk. 

  • Carles Oriach (Monocrom S.L), "Lasers for Raman spectroscopy in Mars exploration"
  • Xavi Muñoz (GTQ-IMB-CNM-CSIC), "Living Photonics: Monitoring light propagation through cells"
  • Jorge Blasco (Photonic Sensors and Algorithms S.L), "The future of vision systems"
  • Jose Capmany (PRL-UPV), "Integrated Microwave Photonics"
  • Robinson Cruzoe (UC3M), "MM Wave photonics"
  • Carlos Abellan (QuSide Technologies S.L), "Quantum random number generation engines"
  • Sergio Saez (SECPhO), "Growing the photonic value chain in Spain"
  • Maryvonne Chalonny (Light Tec), "Custom PDK design process in Synopsys software : S-Matrix Generation using RSoft"
  • Pascual Muñoz (PRL-UPV), "The future of Silicon Nitride photonic integration technologies"
  • Vincent Morin (Raith GmbH), "Nano fabrication tools & applications"
  • Juan Martínez Pastor (UMDO-UV), "Novel materials for single photon quantum emitters"
  • Mauricio de Lima (ICMUV-UV), "Surface acoustic waves for photonics and more"
  • Santiago Royo (Beamagine S.L), "Real-time lidar imaging for applications in autonomous systems and robotics"
  • David Doménech (VLC Photonics S.L), "Photonic integration applications for visible wavelengths"
  • Pablo Sanchis (NTC-UPV), "Electro-optical devices based on hybrid VO2/Silicon structures"
  • Román Fernández (AWSensors S.L), "High fundamental frequency acoustic wave sensors for bio-sensing applications"

For more information and registration, please visit the event website at http://piw.blogs.upv.es/ and follow us on twitter (@upvpiclabs)

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