Presentation Awards

Ultrafast Science & Technology Spain 2017
Presentation Awards

Presentation Awards funded by Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP).

The awards for the best oral presentations were:

:: Manuel Blanco, USC: 
“Phase matching effects in high harmonic generation in nanoantennas”

:: Elena Caballero, UCLM: “Unraveling the Photodynamics of a Dye Interacting with a Layered Structure Metal Organic Framework”

:: Veronica Puerto, UJI: “Solar Nanofluids Synthesized by Femtosecond Laser Radiation”


The best posters presentations were:

:: Yasser Fuentes-Edfuf, IO-CSIC: Micro- and Nanostructures of Amorphous-Crystalline Silicon Formed by Ultrashort Laser Pulses

:: Iker Lamas, UPV/EHU: Tracking electronic coupling in polyatomic molecules by sub-25 fs UV pulses

:: Marta Murillo-Sánchez, UCM: A comparative study of the real time photodissociation dynamics of chloroiodomethane and bromoiodomethane in the A band. A femtosecond velocity map imaging study

:: Laura Rego, USAL: The non-perturbative nature of extreme-ultraviolet vortices